ICF Membership Benefit

  • You are talented and have writing skills, you can publish your article or blog on the ICF-Egypt Chapter website.
  • You have a cause and want to be a change agent.
  • Join the ICF-Egypt Chapter Talks and be an influencer.
  • Join ICF Egypt Chapter and conduct a webinar or workshop, having your own content.
  • Being part of the ICF-Egypt Chapter different events, would be an opportunity to increase your clients, open various markets, and practice coaching through offering free sessions.
  • Join the ICF Egypt Chapter and exchange experience and sessions with your peers.
  • Be one in the professional and unique group of coaches, marketing yourself on the ICF-Egypt Chapter website through its Coaches Directory.
  • Attend ICF-Egypt Chapter free webinars and workshops will add to your skills and experience.
  • Continue your learning journey and share experiences with coaches from different countries through ICF learning portal and ICF events on the global website.
  • Joining the ICF Egypt Chapter will give you access to the Global Learning Portal to gain CCE Units that would facilitate renewing your credentials or upgrading the one you have.
  • Be an ICF member and enjoy special discounts when applying for the different credentials
    Be an ICF member and enjoy special discounts to attend the paid events
    Be an ICF member and post your own profile on the global website and enjoy international visibility.
  • Be an ICF member and create your own website and enjoy international visibility.

Special Discounts

Get special disscounts for some coaching programs offers for ICF active members

Provide one to one sessions

Join events with our partners and get the opportunity to deliver coaching sessions to increase your coaching hours and to expand your clients network

Deliver Workshops and Webinars

Take the chance to provide workshops/webinars and practice your public speaking skills 

Book Club

Join our book club group to read more books and dicuss them in group