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Mohamed Sharaf Eldin

Mohamed Sharaf Eldin

Mohamed Sharaf Eldin,


who has more than 22 years of experience in the tech industry, with companies like France Telecom, Siemens, Nokia, Etisalat, Vodafone, Mixel, is a Leadership Development Consultant, who serves leaders to work on their own and teams relational dynamics. A strong believer that everything is connected, promotes growth through conflicts resolution. Aligning tools, people behaviors, and processes, to enhance workforce engagement, through a culture of openness, clarity, candor and inspiring innovation.
Through his experience in the organizations, he curates tailored learning experiences that are lean and fit for purpose., with an eye on future trends, upskilling and reskilling.
Besides his mission in educating and mentoring coaches to serve the market through his founded coaching education school and reflective practice, he also currently serves as a volunteer in International Coach Federation as a Co-Lead of Team and Group Coaching Community of Practice, which is a global position aiming to promote team coaching practice and trends in the world.
Coaching Philosophy
We learn together from reflective practice, from looking systemically on the same challenge from different positions, creating empathy and connection with what is present around us, thus increasing the leadership impact.
In our journey together, we will explore together, look at things with a fresh perspective, and co-create plans that we will learn from, and grow accordingly with our teams and systems.

Coaching methods

Coaching methods
Face to Face, Workshop / Seminar, Virtual, Webinar
School Name
Authentic Coaching Academy / Innovation Creed
Relationship Coaching, Team Coaching
Arabic, English

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