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khalid fakhr

Khalid Fakhr

Business Coaching

Welcome !
It is my pleasure to have your attention, I am Khalid Fakhr, a Cancer Survivor, Business Psychologist, Certified Coach (ICF) and P.E.A.T* practitioner, my mission is to empower talented personell to discover their absolute potential and achieve financial and emotional freedom, so if you believe that you are unique, but you still do not know how you harness this uniqness to profit people and yourself, let's have a cup of coffee you may meet the coach you need at this moment, see you soon.
• P.E.A.T: Is combinations of techniques used to heal Emotional Trauma, Fobias, PTSD, and Self-Limiting beliefs.

Coaching methods

Coaching methods
Face to Face, Workshop / Seminar, Virtual, Webinar
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747, Boston Group
Personal Coaching, Career Coaching, Corporate, Personal Coaching
Arabic, English
Cairo, Giza, Alexandria

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